maria de los angeles with open arms wearing black at live storytelling eventMy journey as a writer has involved some amazing adventures in creative, academic, copy and grant writing, as well as journalism and spiritual non-fiction. My writing has covered a breadth of topics — from travel, art, life and culture — to social commentary, community, yoga and spirituality. I have worked with local newspapers, travel magazines and have published in literary anthologies and journals.

Currently, I am mostly focused on the kind of work that is aligned with my heart-centered practice, which includes mystical verse and erotic poetry. In 2020, I completed a collection of verse entitled Journey to Now about becoming a parent to my parents and starting my life over after they passed from Alzheimer’s. Today, I am working with Somatic Writing to finish a memoir by the same title.

As a performing writer, following my practice of live storytelling in Miami, I have also read poetry at open mics in Washington, D.C. More in-depth stage work has included performances of poetry with music at Busboys and Poets with Tango Mercurio and poetry with overtone singing at Church of the Holy City co-produced with Harmonic Introductions.

I also enjoy telling the stories of organizations that support positive connection in the world through action. My most recent work for international diplomacy non-profit Global Ties Miami best illustrates this role: I acted as an in-house journalist for two editions of an international exchange program involving entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and the Americas. Fully bilingual in Spanish, I can move seamlessly from interview to written word between the Hispanic and U.S. community, as with this article for World Learning.

Most recently, I co-created, conceptualized, wrote and published the Heart of the Grove series for a historic community in South Florida. Prior to that, I wrote for Miami New Times.

My writing career spans three decades during which time social media and multimedia became tools for storytelling and engaging audience. One of my more in-depth projects included work for Comcast’s Project Open Voice, where I shot and produced short documentaries about Miami’s Latino community.  Embracing the digital communications age, I also authored an award-winning blog for 12 years and co-produced and hosted a podcast for six.

You can read some pieces on Medium or here on the blog, or hear me at SoundCloud. A sample of my portfolio is available on Authory. Please contact me for further inquiries or visit Linkedin for more details.

October 2023