heart-centered living

self-care-washington-d.c.-yogaMy name is Maria de los Angeles and I’m a teacher of heart-centered practices focused on self-care. As a certified yoga instructor and teacher of record in writing, I’ve developed a unique way of helping others not only get in shape, but also “reshape” the way they tell the story of their lives. Before I moved to D.C., I was a caregiver to my elderly parents in South Florida, and the challenges of that experience rewarded me with keen insight about the art of living happy.

Today, my approach to self-care involves “unlearning” habits that hold us back from leading more integrated lives. As one who embraces intergenerational connections, I offer opportunities for people of all ages to stretch toward joy, hold space in loving self-esteem and come out refreshed, ready to tackle life’s daily adventures with grace, gratitude and confidence. All my services are customized and thoughtfully curated to bring beauty, mindfulness and happiness to your life. Think of me as a devoted ally to your self-care.

Please contact me for a complementary consultation. Gift certificates available. Se habla español.

Currently offering a limited number of private breathwork and meditation sessions online or — if Covid-safe — in-person yoga.

January 2022

RYT200-yoga-washington-d.c.Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hours and Kid’s Yoga with National Yoga Alliance. Over 25 years of experience in writing, movement and wellness practices and studies. Master of Arts, English and Cultural Studies.