heart drawingWhen I first arrived in D.C., I was surprised to find a richly diverse spiritual community that further inspired my ever-evolving concept of #heartcenteredmedia. Leaning on my experience as a journalist, speaker, online radio producer and host, I wanted to produce a hyper-local newsletter called HeartCenteredDC that would highlight the abundance of heart-centered practices in the nation’s capital, and provide a central media outlet for the spiritual, interfaith, conscious culture, health, wellness and many other related communities. Since the pandemic, however, the world has jumped from local to global. The January 6 insurrection also shook my new life as a Washingtonian to the core and gave me pause, especially with the rise of conspirituality.

The current startup newsletter, will look at what is heart-centered, useful, uplifting and beautiful what with so many programs and features online. I’m exploring what content might best serve this new audience while vetting what I share. I’ll also throw in personal notes and curiosities, little somethings that will delight readers.